SSB Preparation

SSB interview is one of the most extensive and tough in all the interviews conducted for government jobs, this is for all the wings of the DEFENCE SERVICES and requires BEST of the CANDIDATES FROM THE COUNTRY. SSB interview carries same marks as for written exam.

SSB is just not an interview but continued observation of everything during your stay but in calculation the interview requires 80% metal efforts and 20% physical efforts to qualify. The selection board looks for OLQs (officer like qualities) like suitable personality, approach to solving a real-time problem and attitude towards your goals & life.

Candidates repeat the SSB several times, sometimes it is more than 10 SSBs to clear this, even minor mistakes are very heavy.

Many of the candidates are sent back home on first or second day itself out of 5 DAYS SSB process, only very few are recommended after the SSB interview. The selection rate in SSB is very low to about 6-9% of the appeared candidates. TAKE IT THE BEST WAY TO BE SELECTED IN THE BEST.
Developing General Awareness and communication and speaking skills;

  • Psychology briefing and evaluation – test, evaluation, response, feedback and interactive discussion
  • Interview preparation and managing surprises – presentation, filling up of PIQ, mock interview, feedback and working, and interview of each candidate and evaluation
  • Preparation guidelines for GTO – Outdoor Tasks like Snake Race, individual obstacles, PGT, HGT, Command task and Final Group Task etc. Indoor Tasks of GTO GDs, Lecturrettes, Group Planning Exercises and Deliberate interactive sessions and individualised feedback
  • Personality Development and Enhancement – discussion and presentations on behaviour, attitudes, group work, power distance, power dressing, body language and mannerism etc.
  • Readiness and Counselling- Personal worksheets, doubt clearing session, action Plan for additional work and improvement based on personalised feedback


  • Faculty are Ex Armed Forces officers and teaching and mentoring from last 2 decades.
  • eDelta test series ensures high level practice, preparation and helps in selection in exams. If you qualify in our Mock Test rank, you are guaranteed to be selected.
  • Our preparatory material will carry almost 90% of the paper pattern which will appear in the examination.
  • LaMilitaire (partner) has prepared and got selected thousands of candidates in different force wings since 1988.
  • Our batches are not disturbed due to ONLINE preparation modules.
  • All students are required to undertake English course so that a base is done for all students for SSB.


  • Enrollment


  • Coaching Fees


  • Course Duration


    2 weeks


* Scholarships Available


  • Latest MATERIAL and deep concepts on syllabus
  • Big pool of material and large question bank for practice tests
  • Faculty are with average 20+ years’ experience for training and preparing Armed Forces participants
  • Regular class, tests and additional support for practice
  • Soft Skills are VERY important, special sessions for readiness of participants
  • Tests are offered on the new and modified system ONLINE, you don’t miss any


  • Complete syllabus covering classes, assignments, work training and exercises by teachers
  • ONLINE classes on concepts, language, and test preparation
  • All online modes of attending classes, Tab and Mobile APP
  • Access to recorded classes, recover on missed classes
  • Complete material in PDF form for preparation
  • Special Q&A webinars and mental preparation session
  • Problem Solving Classes with specially mapped questions


Day Details
OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating) test and PPDT (Picture Perception & Description Test).
  • OIR test - 50 questions based on Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning, time given is 30 minutes.
  • PPDT - Shown a static picture on the projector for 30 seconds and you have to come up with a thoughtful story based on your perception.
  • TAT (Thematic Appreciation Test) – Shown 11 hazy pictures on the projector one by one and you have to write a positive story on them. The 12th picture will be empty picture and you have to write Self-Description in it.
  • WAT (Word Association Test) - Shown 60 words on a projector consecutively and you have associated these words with some positive events.
  • SRT (Situation Reaction Test) - The total number of question will be 60 and you have to write 2-3 sentences in each situation, 10 minutes.
Day 3 & 4
  • GTO (Group Testing Officer) - following activities are organised in groups.
  • Group Discussion (GD) – Group will be given two topics for discussion.
  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE) – this test will be comprised of 5 parts.
    - Model explanation
    - Reading of narratives by GTO
    - 5 minutes for self-reading
    - 10 minutes for writing your individual plan
    - Finally, 20 minutes to discuss the common plan
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT) - PGT is a set of obstacles in a specified area in which the team members should cross each obstacle complying with certain rules. The difficulty level of this task increases from one obstacle to other obstacles.
  • Group Obstacle Race - It is also known as snake race. Your group has to take part in a race of six obstacles. Here, GTO wants to see the co-operation and team-leading quality in you.
  • Half Group Task (HGT) – HGT is similar to PGT, but the group is divided into two parts. Here, GTO wants to see the individual performance. The rules for HGT will be same as in PGT.
  • Lecturette - In this round, you will be given 3 minutes to deliver a speech in front of your group. Good scoring depends upon your expressions, body language, fluency, confidence, and current affairs knowledge.
  • Individual Obstacles - In this round, you have to perform individually on crossing 10 obstacles. These obstacles include Single Ramp, Double Barrel, Balancing Beam, Screen Jump, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Double Platform Jump, Double Ditch, Commando Walk, and Tiger Leap.
  • Command Task - The motive behind this task is to find the commanding ability in a candidate and conducted before the FGT. You are allowed to choose any two members out of your group. This task is also similar to PGT and HGT.
  • Final Group Task (FGT) - this is the final task in GTO testing. All group members are required to finish this task and all rules remain same as in PGT and HGT. This task is more difficult and long. Therefore, a very short time is allotted for its planning and execution.
Day 5 One is called for the conference for verification by the panel, which closes the results

A personal interview round is organized on ANY DAY BETWEEN SECOND TO THE FOURTH DAY. Personal Interview is matched with details in PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) form.

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    NAVIGATOR - APIC Assessment

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