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Learning App With Solutions for Class 8

CLASS 8 is the first stage for preparing to competition, building concepts, aligning memory skills and applying next level Mathematics and Science. This APP will help you to perform well in academics and will develop logical thinking, computer skills and digital expertise. The content contains all the concepts of 8th standard syllabus. The package is inclusive of the videos, text material, questions-answers, practices tests, assessment tests, practicals, and additional preparation support for those who are performing more than 90 percent and in time. There will not be any additional cost for the extra material. The course will also help in other exams like NTSE, PISA, Math and Science Olympiads. The material is made by one of the best teaching and technical teams in the subject domain for high learning.

Our Product Features

  • Animated video lectures and concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics
  • Over 340 videos for blended and adaptive learning with visualization for higher retention
  • All chapters and concepts covered in videos and material
  • Over 1300 questions in the package for practice and assessment
  • Specially planned quizzes at all India levels and ranking
  • Assistance over online and personal engagement sessions

Product Features
Product Featurese-Delta
High Quality videos2D/3D
Study Material All subjects with question papers
Practice TestsSelf-Question Bank
Assessment Tests Online and Offline question bank
Practical of my class Several practical videos
Online support Query based and Teacher support
Study Group Small groups for preparations
Scholarship and Support Unlimited support
NCERT material Books and papers with solution
Competition PreparationOlympiad material and Support, PISA Test
TAB 2 GB RAM, 16 GB memory- extendable, HD screen, 5 hr battery

The Learning Composition

  • Learning videos
  • Book by chapter
  • Practice test
  • Practial’s video
  • Language course
  • Class Notes
  • Book solution by chapter
  • Assessment Test
  • Exemplars
  • Life and social skills


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Self Organised Learning
Environment Issues

What is Self-Organised Learning Environment?

We encourage students to form a group of 4 or 5 from their own school. E-Delta helps students to form that from the data we have. This is process of learning by organisation of the students as Team under a supervision. We call it SOLE – eDelta student club (ESC). Our study has found that the productivity of the students increases when they put their efforts and remain sincere to the work without wasting time in non-useful chats.

What are learning environment facilities in addition to the e-leanring modules that I have along with questions?

Along with the SOLE, e-Delta helps all students through online support, teacher support for clarification with appointment for better time management. Students are also helped on the preparation for competitive exams to remove the fear of the exams, all kind of exams for all levels as already mentioned in the module.

How does a class happen and how can I remember and apply a concept?

A typical eDelta class is blended classroom which means it is self-study and online learning with high interaction with students. Major portion of the class is managed by the students and teachers are Great Masters in managing the class for best outcome and learning. In few cases, students made a 3D Storytelling by themselves for the concepts, this was combined with the courses in STEAM domain and sometimes even social science. Students have used eDelta Students Club (ESC) group working to create their own books.

How do I benefit more by TAB based module?

TAB based modules, specially OFFLINE, are most suitable as one can use it anytime with complete Library in it for the whole course. The online assessment is encouraged for questions – answers to prepare own national ranking. The OFFLINE mode offers flexibility to use it anytime even in the closing of internet, in difficult times of non-connection with teachers, or any other time. ONLINE module is also a great support as you are working on a mini-system and you do not need a large computer or laptop for working, specially when not having the writing work or test.

What configuration is required for good output?

The Tablet is High definition 7 inches model. It has 2 GB RAM, 16 GB memory and an SD Card slot for extension of memory. The added features are WIFI, Bluetooth, the calling is disabled, battery backup is for 4-5 hours depending on the usage pattern, installable systems of APPs for other learning and operations. The screen safety put separately will enhance the life of the TAB, warranty is offered on the Tablet.

What are support systems for clarifications?

Students are encouraged to have more questions. There are online classes after 1 month of the course work which develops a foundation for learning. The usual immediate and daily support is through online, phone and query bar system with appointment so that your query is resolved. We encourage the EDelta Student Club (ESC) working so that group learning is high.

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