Rani Mehta, teacher in Science was delivering the lecture on ONE of the platform which is offering free services and has been in security issues in recent time, faced a typical problem and this time i...

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Mix of digital & experimental learning is best

Our search for the study to find a balance in the use of technology and no technology for learning of kids finds that there needs to be a right mix which depends on the personality and interest of the...

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DIGITAL Learning and Education System, how India is changing

Digital learning is not new to India. The educational systems in school and higher education have been graduating to the higher levels with passage of time. New Education Policy (draft submitted) has ...

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e-Delta is covered by India Observer Post for E-learning initiatives in India

COVID-19 has changed the response time of the government to the education transformation, especially in schools of the country. A popular coverage by Indian Observer Post towards E-learning initiative...

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School Students survey finds 50 Key words for Digital Learning

A survey conducted by the engineering college independent researchers about what school students are searching for online learning or digital learning. There are patterns in different regions about se...

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