DIGITAL Learning and Education System, how India is changing

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Uncategorized

Digital learning is not new to India. The educational systems in school and higher education have been graduating to the higher levels with passage of time. New Education Policy (draft submitted) has observed a great need of good digital infrastructure to enhance the online and digital learning and teaching.

Schools are changing, parents are changing and students are adopting fast to the new environment. If we are not making sufficient provisions for the students through e-learning systems, we will expose them to the wrong sides of the internet. Some of the most important issues coming before the schools, parents and the children are discussed to be

  • Relating digital learning to offline learning
  • Learning practical application of knowledge
  • Learning through knowledge retention power and learning skills of students
  • Digital learning is superb tool for transferring knowledge and upgrading skills
  • Analytics and mathematics in adaptive and smart learning
  • Competency-based learning helping digital India and skill India
  • Distance education beyond boundaries
  • Flexible learning environment
  • Usage of VR and AR for learning – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Material through zoom, learning management system, Google class and kahoot
  • E-delta Pathshala conceptualising learning and life skills
  • Framing game-based learning platform

According to a news agency, there are several special features and multiple benefits of digital learning in transforming a child’s life like: Motor Skills, Decision Making, Visual Learning, Cultural Awareness, Improved Academic Performance, and Inventiveness etc. quoted, ‘when learning internet programs, kids understand and innovate with the digital world they inhabit. Today’s children are born into a technology-based society and learn how to access the internet at a very early age’ by


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