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Line of Symmetry


How do we Breathe


The Solar System – Sun and Planets


Pigments involved in photosynthesis


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Assessment, Practical and Language Skills

Unlimited Practice and Assessment

Practice and Assessment for concept clarity and exams for improving performance.

Practical And Robotics Lab

Practical and Lab modules. Robotics applications experiments for your engineering skills.

Language Courses

Language courses are your gateway to our national and the global community.

Life Skills and Social Skills

Life Skills and Social Skills are two pillars of any personality in formation.

eDelta LIVE
& Competitive Exams

eDelta LIVE is platform for conducting LIVE Classes for K-12, Competitive Exams, Language Certifications and Training and Interview sessions. You are guided by highly experienced teachers and mentors, who have proven teaching and selection records. 

IIT -JEE, NEET, Bank exams, NDA and SSB, few Government exams, Accounting exams in offering.

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