Japanese language is not only a cultural force of one of oldest Asian cultures but also the exchange of business and innovation. The JAPAN as a country has shown the world that the nation can grow to Global orders in economic and social impact, without compromising on the national identity, national cultural values, and national language.

While other languages are useful like any other and we respect all languages, JAPAN has many common grounds of engagement with India on culture and economy. The Buddha pilgrimage in Bihar and UP, increasing economic engagements, enhanced education partnership, and mutual respect to culture and value systems are base to appreciating the language of both countries.

There are many companies operating in India which need closer working with direct exchange of notes and sharing, which can be facilitated by language. The culture of work and culture of learning would be better facilitated if HINDI and JAPANESE can interact directly.

We should recognise the fact that if we appreciate the two languages on economic benefit as well and offer higher advantage to those aware of the languages, it will help socialisation faster like English has been doing with its presence. There are much to learn from Japan culture and Japanese language in cultural sharing, economic exchange, and education and innovation partnership.


Under this vision, we are keen to launch the JAPANESE language for both schools and industry and partner with Japanese institutions in India and Japan.

We are launching courses at the levels A1, A2-1, A2-2, A2-3 and B-1 in the first phase.

Partnership will help us giving credibility to our efforts in the private sector and also with government. We shall also disseminate the initiatives and schemes of Japan Foundation in our communication.


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