Mix of digital & experimental learning is best

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

In 2019, a survey organised by Hellwet Packard to study how the personalities of Asian millennial parents define learning for their children. The study helps to understand the evolving mind-set of parents around learning and development of their children,” as presented by Sumeer Chandra, managing director of HP India during the launch of the report. “This allows us to provide better technology solutions that enhance learning, augment skills, and serve as foundational tools for children’s growth.”

Our search for the study to find a balance in the use of technology and no technology for learning of kids finds that there needs to be a right mix which depends on the personality and interest of the child.

This study is great eye opener in terms of how parents are seriously looking for useful material and guidance for their children and are unable to find right solution or approach. The study finds that 22.7% of respondent parents in India are extremely concerned about their children’s future. Of all parents in Asia, they are ready to make the broadest range of sacrifices to ensure the right skilling of their kids for future jobs. These sacrifices entail investments made in tuitions, moving homes and family abroad, borrowing money/taking loans and sending children abroad. The study was conducted with 3,177 respondents across India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

This method of learning has increased the interest of the kids. Once a student feels connected to a particular topic online or through e-leanring mode, the role of an educator is far easier as the student himself develops curiosity. The use of best-in-class content, real-time learning and feedback methods, and personalised instructions has encouraged online learning.

Pace and dignity to study at own capability is most important factor in learning which is managed well by digital or online learning / teaching. Dignity to study at his or her own pace without being subjected to judgment by anyone else is ensure in this approach.

Some of the e-learning solutions are affordable as they are meant to be servicing the learning of the kids and not commercially benefiting a lot to make money only.


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