Distribution Partner @eDelta

We trust in partnership model of service and growth.
Probably the most important relationship a solution provider has is with its distribution partner who are the face of the organisation with the users. Our distribution partner are not only first face but also the feedback system to improve the solutions, products, services and develop the ecosystem to grow. They are critical in our system. We are looking for following qualities in our partner.

  • Ambitions and have desire to grow
  • Accept and increase their Responsibilities
  • Believe in Transparency and Honesty
  • Sensitive and Attentive to developments
  • Share the Rewards

Our services in school education, STEM-C Labs with Robotics features, Digital e-Delta school, Cloud school eDelta services, eDelta e-learning solutions, eDelta Mathematics, eDelta Science, eDelta Social Science, eDelta Technology Solutions, eDelta Competitive Examinations.

We invite your interest at partner@edelta.in to partner with us and become a very valuable member of the family that has very high aspirations to serve and grow.

Social Partnership

We are sensitive to our responsibilities towards society. Even if we are not required to comply by the Government of India regulations, we feel obliged to contribute to society at every bit and in all possible manner. The reach and services of the social groups are unimaginable in serving society through digital education or online education in the country. We have new kind of challenges due to COVID – 19 coronavirus pandemic.

In such environment, all of us have to come together to contribute. We invite you to write to us for partnership with special provisions for social development since education and girls (women) development are also covered in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and accepted by Government of India.

We request you to write us at partner@edelta.in

Teacher and Instructor Network

eDelta has special sensitivity towards Teachers and Instructors as it is started by Teachers. Foster high-quality teaching and leadership through teacher networks is most important aspect to respect teachers. There are many school which have highest regards for the school teachers, online teachers, digital learning teachers, classroom teachers and the facilitators and networks which are supporting teachers and teacher’s development. When teachers, facilitators and instructors are connected through eDelta inter-school networks, teachers can communicate with each other and share invaluable information. They can contribute in developing their own capacity and innovations across district and state and national boundaries, ultimately enhancing both their own effectiveness and student learning.

Help us creating a platform for you to share more information about other teachers. Once you are registered, we will share details on a common platform for all of you to connect and contribute. We will also effort to create financial support for the development programs for the teachers.

We invite you to share your basic details at the link INDIA SCHOOL TEACHERS NETWORK

Welcome to the INDIA SCHOOL TEACHERS NETWORK led by teachers and instructors for teachers and instructors, towards building capacity of each other in the digital and online learning environment. We will also effort to create financial support for the development programs for the teachers.

    ACHIEVER Study and Career Super Achiever Plan

    CORSA Full Study Mapping and Career Advancement

    NAVIGATOR - APIC Assessment

    COMI Assessment

    Aptitude Profiling