Practical And Robotics Lab

eDelta brings cutting edge technology to students for experimenting with and modeling on the technologies they need as part of their school curriculum, It includes:

  • School students benefiting by doing project-based learning in their Science Practical Exams, Enhanced understanding of theory, Interaction with Industry Experts and participate in the Technology Events
  • Solution / Training kits – Provide kits to run the experiments and record the outcomes

We realize that you might need help in practicals and the lab work. eDelta has resources for practicals and can assist you in Lab work if you have one in the school. In case your school is not equipped, we can provide it in online setup on separate registration after purchase of your subscription on a complete e-registration.



Work-lab design and implementation Storage, power supply, electricitY wiring Basic infrastructure, furniture Applicatfon zone for Robotics Installation of lah layout for good work-lab MHerent work stations for class categories Computers, software a. projector Safety support as first aid kits, masks, fire extinguishers etc


3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence Android APP & Game Development programming, internet of Things (IoT) Drone & Quadcopter , Embedded Technology, Applications of data mangement and circuit designing.


VocatIonal and Skill based Lab Tallor Made Curriculum for courses, Lesson Planner for learning Teacher Manuals for all projects Grade Wise Student Handbook Online Tutorial Videos Software based leaming and package Eslearning modules Mr subjects


Vocational base learning Problem solving and logic building make students an active learner Foster curiosity, creativity and imaginations helps in building with the change of technology Builds self-thinking and working Increased confidence and learning by doing Develops computational skills, design mind-set Improves STEM intelligence and skills

ACHIEVER Study and Career Super Achiever Plan

CORSA Full Study Mapping and Career Advancement


COMI Assessment

Aptitude Profiling