School Students survey finds 50 Key words for Digital Learning

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

A survey conducted by the engineering college independent researchers about what school students are searching for online learning or digital learning. There are patterns in different regions about searching the terms which students are using specially South and West of India.

The most useful and most appearing key words chosen by the students are Learning APP, Learning platform, Learning with TAB online, Learning with TAB offline, Online subject videos, Online concept videos, Online Learning Station, Online learning, digital learning, Cloud School, cloud learning, child driven online education, online Language course, Online courses, Digital way of learning, learning innovation, child driven learning, and value based education.

While students are searching in Google, facebook, and Instagram about the learning material, they are always passionate to search about key words like great teachers, passionate teachers, life skills, career, digital partner, Student driven education, Student driven learning, Robotics learning, Robotics games, anytime anywhere learning, Innovative approach Towards Learning, See more online, Learn more, Do digital more, Unzip the learning, Learning enjoy the difference, connects the learning dots, Practice Test, Assessment Test, Practical videos for schools, Learn anywhere, Just Learn, where learning is fun, online social value, , Online teaching, Online teachers.

The global pandemic has created a different world which has sensitised the students of all age and they are also searching for key words like COVID response to education, COVID response to school education, Technology in school education, competitive exams, virtual learning, virtual school, continuing education through disasters and COVID, no exam pressure, and online subscription.

The survey has observed that school students are aware of the developments in the world and they have adopted to engage with the changing methods of teaching and learning. They are attending classes in schools and also additional preparations for their competitive exams if they have so.


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