NCERT Books for Class 11

NCERT Books for Class 11

While the guided learning and academic instructions still play their roles, class 11th onwards will start pivoting around mental aptitude, situational reasoning, inter-disciplinary scenarios and bear with abstraction. In a student’s journey of learning, this is one of the most nuanced elevation in terms of complexity and comprehensiveness. This is where the boundaries of Physics and Maths will start blurring. Chemistry and Biology will look entwined like none other. This is the the time to go deeper in the concepts.

This is the year of a rigorous run preparing towards post-higher secondary competitive exams. eDelta has solutions not only to support you for your 11th preparation but also assist you in your preparations for the competitive exams.

The digital learning, in combination with textbooks, is best possible way to prepares oneself for the future. eDelta used NCERT learning framework as the reference point since all education boards (in India) follow NCERT curriculum and most competitions also draw from them. Also, eDelta finds the design of NCERT curriculum scientifically planned and worked out in detail by some of the best minds in the field.

eDelta provides NCERT Books for Class 11 for subjects Maths, Science, Mathematics or Biology, and it will also offer other support material, scope enhancing material, competition assistance material with passage of time. These material are provided in PDF copy for your easy working.

कक्षा XI_गणित

001अध्याय 1. समुच्चय C-11-MAT-H-CH-001-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2. संबंध् एवं फलनC-11-MAT-H-CH-002-SOL C-11-MAT-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3. त्रिकोणमितीय फलनC-11-MAT-H-CH-003-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4. गणितीय आगमन का सिद्धांतC-11-MAT-H-CH-004-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5. सम्मिश्र संख्याएँ और द्विघातीय समीकरणC-11-MAT-H-CH-005-SOL C-11-MAT-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6.रैखिक असमिकाएँC-11-MAT-H-CH-006-SOL C-11-MAT-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7. क्रमचय और संचयC-11-MAT-H-CH-007-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-007-EXM
008अध्याय 8. द्विपद प्रमेयC-11-MAT-H-CH-008-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9. अनुक्रम तथा श्रेणी C-11-MAT-H-CH-009-SOL C-11-MAT-H-CH-009-EXM
010अध्याय 10. सरल रेखाएँC-11-MAT-H-CH-010-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-010-EXM
011अध्याय 11. शंवुफ परिच्छेदC-11-MAT-H-CH-011-SOL C-11-MAT-H-CH-011-EXM
012अध्याय 12. त्रिविमीय ज्यामिति का परिचयC-11-MAT-H-CH-012-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-012-EXM
013अध्याय 13. सीमा और अवकलजC-11-MAT-H-CH-013-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-013-EXM
014अध्याय 14. गणितीय विवेचनC-11-MAT-H-CH-014-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-014-EXM
015अध्याय 15. सांख्यिकीC-11-MAT-H-CH-015-SOL C-11-MAT-H-CH-015-EXM
016अध्याय 16. प्रायिकताC-11-MAT-H-CH-016-SOLC-11-MAT-H-CH-016-EXM

कक्षा XI_भौतिकी विज्ञान

भौतिकी भाग 1
001अध्याय 1 वैद्युत आवेश तथा क्षेत्राC-11-PHY-H-CH-001-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2 स्थिरवैद्युत विभव तथा धरिताC-11-PHY-H-CH-002-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3 विद्युत धराC-11-PHY-H-CH-003-SOL C-11-PHY-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4 गतिमान आवेश और चुंबकत्वC-11-PHY-H-CH-004-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5 चुंबकत्व एवं द्रव्यC-11-PHY-H-CH-005-SOL C-11-PHY-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6 वैद्युतचुंबकीय प्रेरणC-11-PHY-H-CH-006-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7 प्रत्यावर्ती धराC-11-PHY-H-CH-007-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-007-EXM
008अध्याय 8 वैद्युतचुंबकीय तरंगC-11-PHY-H-CH-008-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-008-EXM
भौतिकी भाग 2
009अध्याय 9 किरण प्रकाशिकी एवं प्रकाशिक यंत्राC-11-PHY-H-CH-009-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-001-EXM
010अध्याय 10 तरंग-प्रकाशिकीC-11-PHY-H-CH-010-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-002-EXM
011अध्याय 11 विकिरण तथा द्रव्य की द्वैत प्रवृफतिC-11-PHY-H-CH-011-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-003-EXM
012अध्याय 12 परमाणुC-11-PHY-H-CH-012-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-004-EXM
013अध्याय 13 नाभिकC-11-PHY-H-CH-013-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-005-EXM
014अध्याय 14 अर्धचालक इलेक्ट्राॅनिकी- पदार्थ, युक्तियाँ तथा सरल परिपथC-11-PHY-H-CH-014-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-006-EXM
015अध्याय 15 संचार व्यवस्थाC-11-PHY-H-CH-015-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-007-EXM

कक्षा XI_रसायन विज्ञान

रसायन भाग I
001अध्याय 1 रसायन विज्ञान की वुफछ मूल अवधरणाएC-11-PHY-H-CH-001-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2 परमाणु की संरचना C-11-PHY-H-CH-002-SOL C-11-PHY-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3 तत्वों का वर्गीकरण एवं गुणधर्मों में आव£तता C-11-PHY-H-CH-003-SOL C-11-PHY-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4 रासायनिक आबंधन तथा आण्विक संरचनाC-11-PHY-H-CH-004-SOL C-11-PHY-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5 द्रव्य की अवस्थाएC-11-PHY-H-CH-005-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6 ऊष्मागतिकीC-11-PHY-H-CH-006-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7 साम्यावस्थाC-11-PHY-H-CH-007-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-007-EXM
रसायन भाग II
008अध्याय 8 अपचयोपचय अभिक्रियाएC-11-PHY-H-CH-008-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9 हाइड्रोजनC-11-PHY-H-CH-009-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-009-EXM
010अध्याय 10 एस.ब्लॉक तत्वC-11-PHY-H-CH-010-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-010-EXM
011अध्याय 11 पी ब्लॉक तत्वC-11-PHY-H-CH-011-SOL C-11-PHY-H-CH-011-EXM
012अध्याय 12 कार्बनिक रसायन: वुफछ आधरभूत सिद्धांत तथा तकनीकेC-11-PHY-H-CH-012-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-012-EXM
013अध्याय 13 हाइड्रोकार्बनC-11-PHY-H-CH-013-SOLC-11-PHY-H-CH-013-EXM
014अध्याय 14 पर्यावरणीय रसायनC-11-PHY-H-CH-014-SOL C-11-PHY-H-CH-014-EXM


Unit 1: Diversity in the Living World
001Chapter 1- The Living WorldC-11-BIO-E-CH-001-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2- Biological Classification C-11-BIO-E-CH-002-SOL C-11-BIO-E-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3- Plant KingdomC-11-BIO-E-CH-003-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4- Animal KingdomC-11-BIO-E-CH-004-SOL C-11-BIO-E-CH-004-EXM
Unit 2: Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals
005Chapter 5- Morphology of Flowering PlantsC-11-BIO-E-CH-005-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6- Anatomy of Flowering PlantsC-11-BIO-E-CH-006-SOL C-11-BIO-E-CH-006-EXM
007Chapter 7- Structural Organisation in AnimalsC-11-BIO-E-CH-007-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-007-EXM
Unit 3: Cell- Structure and Functions
008Chapter 8: Cell: The Unit of LifeC-11-BIO-E-CH-008-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-008-EXM
009Chapter 9: BiomoleculesC-11-BIO-E-CH-009-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-009-EXM
010Chapter 10: Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionC-11-BIO-E-CH-010-SOL C-11-BIO-E-CH-010-EXM
Unit 4: Plant Physiology
011Chapter 11: Transport in PlantsC-11-BIO-E-CH-011-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-011-EXM
012Chapter 12: Mineral NutritionC-11-BIO-E-CH-012-SOL C-11-BIO-E-CH-012-EXM
013Chapter 13: Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsC-11-BIO-E-CH-013-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-013-EXM
014Chapter 14: Respiration in PlantsC-11-BIO-E-CH-014-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-014-EXM
015Chapter 15: Plant Growth and DevelopmentC-11-BIO-E-CH-015-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-015-EXM
Unit 5: Human Physiology
016Chapter 16: Digestion and AbsorptionC-11-BIO-E-CH-016-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-016-EXM
017Chapter 17: Breathing and Exchange of GasesC-11-BIO-E-CH-017-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-017-EXM
018Chapter 18: Body Fluids and CirculationC-11-BIO-E-CH-018-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-018-EXM
019Chapter 19: Excretory Products and Their EliminationC-11-BIO-E-CH-019-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-019-EXM
020Chapter 20: Locomotion and MovementC-11-BIO-E-CH-020-SOLC-11-BIO-E-CH-020-EXM
021Chapter 21: Neural Control and CoordinationC-11-BIO-E-CH-021-SOL C-11-BIO-E-CH-021-EXM
022Chapter 22: Chemical Coordination and IntegrationC-11-BIO-E-CH-022-SOL C-11-BIO-E-CH-022-EXM

कक्षा XI_बायोलॉजी

Unit 1: जीव जगत में विविध्त
001अध्याय 1: जीव जगतC-11-BIO-H-CH-001-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2: जीव जगत का वर्गीकरणC-11-BIO-H-CH-002-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3: वनस्पति जगतC-11-BIO-H-CH-003-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4: प्राणि जगतC-11-BIO-H-CH-004-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-004-EXM
Unit 2: पादप एवं प्राणियों में संरचनात्मक संगठन
005अध्याय 5: पुष्पी पादपों का आकारिकीC-11-BIO-H-CH-005-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6: पुष्पी पादपों का शारीरC-11-BIO-H-CH-006-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7: प्राणियों में संरचनात्मक संगठनC-11-BIO-H-CH-007-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-007-EXM
Unit 3: कोशिकाः संरचना एवं काय
008अध्याय 8: कोशिका : जीवन की इकाईC-11-BIO-H-CH-008-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9: जैव अणC-11-BIO-H-CH-009-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-009-EXM
010अध्याय 10: कोशिका चक्र और कोशिका विभाजनC-11-BIO-H-CH-010-SOL C-11-BIO-H-CH-010-EXM
Unit 4: पादप कार्यकीय ;शरीर क्रियात्मकताद्ध
011अध्याय 11: पौधों में परिवहनC-11-BIO-H-CH-011-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-011-EXM
012अध्याय 12: खनिज पोषणC-11-BIO-H-CH-012-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-012-EXM
013अध्याय 13: उच्च पादपों में प्रकाश-संश्लेषणC-11-BIO-H-CH-013-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-013-EXM
014अध्याय 14: पादप में श्वसनC-11-BIO-H-CH-014-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-014-EXM
015अध्याय 15: पादप वृद्धि एवं परिवर्धनC-11-BIO-H-CH-015-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-015-EXM
Unit 5: मानव शरीर विज्ञान
016अध्याय 16: पाचन एवं अवशोषणC-11-BIO-H-CH-016-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-016-EXM
017अध्याय 17: श्वसन और गैसों का विनिमयC-11-BIO-H-CH-017-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-017-EXM
018अध्याय 18: शरीर द्रव तथा परिसंचरणC-11-BIO-H-CH-018-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-018-EXM
019अध्याय 19: उत्सर्जी उत्पाद एवं उनका निष्कासनC-11-BIO-H-CH-019-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-019-EXM
020अध्याय 20: गमन एवं संचलनC-11-BIO-H-CH-020-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-020-EXM
021अध्याय 21: तंत्रिकीय नियंत्राण एवं समन्वयC-11-BIO-H-CH-021-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-021-EXM
022अध्याय 22: रासायनिक समन्वय तथा एकीकरणC-11-BIO-H-CH-022-SOLC-11-BIO-H-CH-022-EXM

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