NCERT Books for Class 6

NCERT Books for Class 6

Class 5-6 are considered as the foundation years to start building strong basics for a clear career orientation at a later stage. . Students, at this stage, start comprehending that their learning, grades and performance will have an important role to play in their development. Students also start developing a particular academic area as their interest while reading and learning all different courses. There is a growing trend of complimenting the academic learning with Life & Technical skills e.g. Coding, Robotics, Foreign Languages etc.

The digital learning, in combination with textbooks , is best possible way to prepares oneself for the future. eDelta used NCERT learning framework as the reference point since all education boards (in India) follow NCERT curriculum and most competitions also draw from them. Also, eDelta finds the design of NCERT curriculum scientifically planned and worked out in detail by some of the best minds in the field.

eDelta provides NCERT Books, NCERT Solution, NCERT Exemplar for Class 6 for subjects Maths, Science, Social Studies etc. These material are provided in PDF copy for your ease.

कक्षा VI_गणित

#Chapter NameSolutionExemplar
001अध्याय 1: अपनी संख्याओं की जानकारीC-6-MAT-H-CH-001-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2: पूर्ण संख्याएँC-6-MAT-H-CH-002-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3: संख्याओं के साथ खेलनाC-6-MAT-H-CH-003-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4: आधारभूत ज्यामितीय अवधारणाएँC-6-MAT-H-CH-004-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5: प्रारंभिक आकारों को समझनाC-6-MAT-H-CH-005-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6: पूर्णांकC-6-MAT-H-CH-006-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7: भिन्नC-6-MAT-H-CH-007-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-007-EXM
008अध्याय 8: दशमलवC-6-MAT-H-CH-008-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9: आँकड़ों का प्रबंधनC-6-MAT-H-CH-009-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-009-EXM
010अध्याय 10: क्षेत्रमितिC-6-MAT-H-CH-010-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-010-EXM
011अध्याय 11: बीजगणितC-6-MAT-H-CH-011-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-011-EXM
012अध्याय 12: अनुपात और समानुपातC-6-MAT-H-CH-012-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-012-EXM
013अध्याय 13: सममितिC-6-MAT-H-CH-013-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-013-EXM
014अध्याय 14: प्रायोगिक ज्यामितीC-6-MAT-H-CH-014-SOLC-6-MAT-H-CH-014-EXM

कक्षा VI_विज्ञान

#Chapter NameSolutionExemplar
001अध्याय 1: भोजन: यह कहाँ से आता है?C-6-SC-H-CH-001-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2: भोजन के घातकC-6-SC-H-CH-002-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3: तंतु से वस्त्र तकC-6-SC-H-CH-003-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4: वस्तुओं के समूह बनानाC-6-SC-H-CH-004-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5: पदार्थो का पृथक्करणC-6-SC-H-CH-005-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6: हमारे चारों ओर के परिवर्तनC-6-SC-H-CH-006-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7: पौधो को जानिएC-6-SC-H-CH-007-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-007-EXM
008अध्याय 8: शरीर में गतिC-6-SC-H-CH-008-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9: सजीव एवं उनका परिवेशC-6-SC-H-CH-009-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-009-EXM
010अध्याय 10: गति एवं दूरिओं का मापनC-6-SC-H-CH-010-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-010-EXM
011अध्याय 11: प्रकाश – छायाएँ एवं परावर्तनC-6-SC-H-CH-011-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-011-EXM
012अध्याय 12: विधुत तथा परिपथC-6-SC-H-CH-012-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-012-EXM
013अध्याय 13: चुंबकों द्वारा मनोरंजनC-6-SC-H-CH-013-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-013-EXM
014अध्याय 14: जलC-6-SC-H-CH-014-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-014-EXM
015अध्याय 15: हमारे चारों ओर वायुC-6-SC-H-CH-015-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-015-EXM
016अध्याय 16: कचरा – संग्रहण एवं निपटानC-6-SC-H-CH-016-SOLC-6-SC-H-CH-016-EXM


#Chapter NameSolutionExemplar
History – Our Pasts Part I
001Chapter 1: What Where, How and When?C-6-SSTH-E-CH-001-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: From Hunting – Gathering to Growing FoodC-6-SSTH-E-CH-002-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3: In the Earliest CitiesC-6-SSTH-E-CH-003-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4: What Books and Burials Tell UsC-6-SSTH-E-CH-004-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: Kingdoms, Kings and an Early RepublicC-6-SSTH-E-CH-005-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: New Questions and IdeasC-6-SSTH-E-CH-006-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-006-EXM
007Chapter 7: Ashoka, The Emperor who Gave up WarC-6-SSTH-E-CH-007-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-007-EXM
008Chapter 8: Vital Villages, Thriving TownsC-6-SSTH-E-CH-008-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-008-EXM
009Chapter 9: Traders, Kings and PilgrimsC-6-SSTH-E-CH-009-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-009-EXM
010Chapter 10: New Empires and KingdomsC-6-SSTH-E-CH-010-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-010-EXM
011Chapter 11: Buildings, Paintings and BooksC-6-SSTH-E-CH-011-SOLC-6-SSTH-E-CH-011-EXM
Geography – The Earth Our Habitat Part I
001Chapter 1: The Earth in the Solar SystemC-6-SSTG-E-CH-001-SOLC-6-SSTG-E-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: Globe: Latitudes and LongitudesC-6-SSTG-E-CH-002-SOLC-6-SSTG-E-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3: Motions of the EarthC-6-SSTG-E-CH-003-SOLC-6-SSTG-E-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4: MapsC-6-SSTG-E-CH-004-SOLC-6-SSTG-E-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: Major Domains of the EarthC-6-SSTG-E-CH-005-SOLC-6-SSTG-E-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: Major Landforms of the EarthC-6-SSTG-E-CH-006-SOLC-6-SSTG-E-CH-006-EXM
007Chapter 7: Our Country – IndiaC-6-SSTG-E-CH-007-SOLC-6-SSTG-E-CH-007-EXM
008Chapter 8: India: Climate, Vegetation and WildlifeC-6-SSTG-E-CH-008-SOLC-6-SSTG-E-CH-008-EXM
Political Science – Our social and political life Part I
001Chapter 1: Understanding DiversityC-6-SSTP-E-CH-001-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: Diversity and DiscriminationC-6-SSTP-E-CH-002-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3: What is Government?C-6-SSTP-E-CH-003-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4: Key Elements of a Democratic GovernmentC-6-SSTP-E-CH-004-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: Panchayati RajC-6-SSTP-E-CH-005-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: Rural AdministrationC-6-SSTP-E-CH-006-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-006-EXM
007Chapter 7: Urban AdministrationC-6-SSTP-E-CH-007-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-007-EXM
008Chapter 8: Rural LivelihoodsC-6-SSTP-E-CH-008-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-008-EXM
009Chapter 9: Urban Livelihoods C-6-SSTP-E-CH-009-SOLC-6-SSTP-E-CH-009-EXM

कक्षा VI_सामाजिक विज्ञान

#Chapter NameSolutionExemplar
इतिहास – हमारे अतीत – I
001अध्याय 1: क्या, कब, कहाँ और कैसे?C-6-SSTH-H-CH-001-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2: आखेट – खाद्य संग्रह से उत्पादन तकC-6-SSTH-H-CH-002-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3: आरंभिक नगरC-6-SSTH-H-CH-003-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4: क्या बताती हैं हमें किताबें और कब्रेंC-6-SSTH-H-CH-004-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5: राज्य, राजा और एक प्राचीन गणराज्यC-6-SSTH-H-CH-005-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6: नए प्रश्न नए विचारC-6-SSTH-H-CH-006-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7: अशोक: एक अनोखा सम्राट जिसने युद्ध का त्याग कियाC-6-SSTH-H-CH-007-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-007-EXM
008अध्याय 8: खुशहाल गावँ और समृद्ध शहरC-6-SSTH-H-CH-008-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9: व्यापारी, राजा और तीर्थयात्रीC-6-SSTH-H-CH-009-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-009-EXM
010अध्याय 10: नए साम्राज्य और राज्यC-6-SSTH-H-CH-010-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-010-EXM
011अध्याय 11: इमारतें, चित्र तथा किताबेंC-6-SSTH-H-CH-011-SOLC-6-SSTH-H-CH-011-EXM
भूगोल – पृथ्वी: हमारा आवास
001पाठ 1: सौरमंडल से पृथ्वीC-6-SSTG-H-CH-001-SOLC-6-SSTG-H-CH-001-EXM
002पाठ 2: ग्लोब: अक्षांश एवं देशांतरC-6-SSTG-H-CH-002-SOLC-6-SSTG-H-CH-002-EXM
003पाठ 3: पृथ्वी की गतियांC-6-SSTG-H-CH-003-SOLC-6-SSTG-H-CH-003-EXM
004पाठ 4: मानचित्रC-6-SSTG-H-CH-004-SOLC-6-SSTG-H-CH-004-EXM
005पाठ 5: पृथ्वी के प्रमुख परिमंडलC-6-SSTG-H-CH-005-SOLC-6-SSTG-H-CH-005-EXM
006पाठ 6: पृथ्वी के प्रमुख स्थलमंडलC-6-SSTG-H-CH-006-SOLC-6-SSTG-H-CH-006-EXM
007पाठ 7: हमारा देश: भारतC-6-SSTG-H-CH-007-SOLC-6-SSTG-H-CH-007-EXM
008पाठ 8: भारत: जलवायु, वसस्पति तथा वन्य प्राणीC-6-SSTG-H-CH-008-SOLC-6-SSTG-H-CH-008-EXM
सामाजिक एवं राजनितिक जीवन – I
001अध्याय 1: विविधता की समझC-6-SSTP-H-CH-001-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2: विविधता एवं भेदभावC-6-SSTP-H-CH-002-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3: सरकार क्या है?C-6-SSTP-H-CH-003-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4: लोकतांत्रिक सरकार के मुख्य तत्वC-6-SSTP-H-CH-004-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5: पंचायती राजC-6-SSTP-H-CH-005-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6: गाँव का प्रशासनC-6-SSTP-H-CH-006-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7: नगर प्रशासनC-6-SSTP-H-CH-007-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-007-EXM
008अध्याय 8: ग्रामीण क्षेत्र में आजीविकाC-6-SSTP-H-CH-008-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9: शहरी क्षेत्र में आजीविकाC-6-SSTP-H-CH-009-SOLC-6-SSTP-H-CH-009-EXM

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