NCERT Books for Class 8

NCERT Books for Class 8

Class 8 is the first important milestone in a student’s learning journey. Class 8, in many ways, define and orient a student’s performance in class 10th Board and other competitive exams at this level e.g. Olympiad, Scholarship exams, NTSE etc. There is a growing trend that students complete their primary phase of learning Life & Technical skills e.g. Coding, Robotics, Foreign Languages etc. and graduate to the intermediate / advance phase. Also, many students enroll for preparing for Engineering and Medical entrance level exams. So by this stage, students have to be well-versed with the the fundamental concepts, their application and be methodical towards their learning outcomes. Students also develop particular areas of interest while reading and learning which determine their way forward.

The digital learning, in combination with textbooks , is best possible way to prepares oneself for the future. eDelta used NCERT learning framework as the reference point since all education boards (in India) follow NCERT curriculum and most competitions also draw from them. Also, eDelta finds the design of NCERT curriculum scientifically planned and worked out in detail by some of the best minds in the field.

eDelta provides NCERT Books, NCERT Solution, NCERT Exemplar for Class 8 for subjects Maths, Science, Social Studies etc. These material are provided in PDF copy for your ease.

कक्षा VIII_गणित

001अध्याय 1- तर्कसंगत संख्याओंC-8-MAT-H-CH-001-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2- एक चर में रैखिक समीकरणC-8-MAT-H-CH-002-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3-चतुर्भुज को समझनाC-8-MAT-H-CH-003-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4- व्यावहारिक ज्यामितिC-8-MAT-H-CH-004-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5- डेटा संधारणC-8-MAT-H-CH-005-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6- वर्ग और वर्गमूलC-8-MAT-H-CH-006-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7- घन और घन जड़ेंC-8-MAT-H-CH-007-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-007-EXM
008अध्याय 8- तुलना मात्राएँC-8-MAT-H-CH-008-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9- बीजगणितीय अभिव्यक्तियाँ और पहचानC-8-MAT-H-CH-009-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-009-EXM
010अध्याय 10-दृश्‍यमान ठोस आकारC-8-MAT-H-CH-010-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-010-EXM
011अध्याय 11- क्षेत्रमितिC-8-MAT-H-CH-011-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-011-EXM
012अध्याय 12- व्यय और शक्तिC-8-MAT-H-CH-012-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-012-EXM
013अध्याय 13- प्रत्यक्ष और व्युत्क्रम अनुपातC-8-MAT-H-CH-013-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-013-EXM
014अध्याय 14- गुणनखण्डC-8-MAT-H-CH-014-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-014-EXM
015अध्याय 15-रेखांकन का परिचयC-8-MAT-H-CH-015-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-015-EXM
016अध्याय 16- नंबरों के साथ C-8-MAT-H-CH-016-SOLC-8-MAT-H-CH-016-EXM

कक्षा VIII_विज्ञान

001अध्याय 1 – फसल उत्पादन और प्रबंधनC-8-SC-H-CH-001-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-001-EXM
002अध्याय 2 – सूक्ष्मजीव: मित्र और शत्रुC-8-SC-H-CH-002-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-002-EXM
003अध्याय 3- सिंथेटिक फाइबर और प्लास्टिकC-8-SC-H-CH-003-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-003-EXM
004अध्याय 4-सामग्री: धातु और गैर-धातुC-8-SC-H-CH-004-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-004-EXM
005अध्याय 5 – कोयला और पेट्रोलियमC-8-SC-H-CH-005-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-005-EXM
006अध्याय 6- दहन और ज्वालाC-8-SC-H-CH-006-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-006-EXM
007अध्याय 7-पौधों और जानवरों का संरक्षणC-8-SC-H-CH-007-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-007-EXM
008अध्याय 8- सेल- संरचना और कार्यC-8-SC-H-CH-008-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-008-EXM
009अध्याय 9-पशुओं में प्रजननC-8-SC-H-CH-009-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-009-EXM
010अध्याय 10- किशोरावस्था की आयु तक पहुँचनाC-8-SC-H-CH-010-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-010-EXM
011अध्याय 11- बल और दबावC-8-SC-H-CH-011-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-011-EXM
012अध्याय 12- घर्षणC-8-SC-H-CH-012-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-012-EXM
013अध्याय 13-ध्वनिC-8-SC-H-CH-013-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-013-EXM
014अध्याय 14- विद्युत प्रवाह के रासायनिक प्रभावC-8-SC-H-CH-014-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-014-EXM
015अध्याय 15- कुछ प्राकृतिक घटनाC-8-SC-H-CH-015-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-015-EXM
016अध्याय 16- प्रकाशC-8-SC-H-CH-016-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-016-EXM
017अध्याय 17- सितारे और सौर मंडलC-8-SC-H-CH-017-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-017-EXM
018अध्याय 18-वायु और जल का प्रदूषणC-8-SC-H-CH-018-SOLC-8-SC-H-CH-018-EXM


History Our Past – III
001Chapter 1: How, When and WhereC-8-SSTH-E-CH-001-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: From Trade to TerritoryC-8-SSTH-E-CH-002-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3: Ruling the CountrysideC-8-SSTH-E-CH-003-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4: Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden AgeC-8-SSTH-E-CH-004-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: When People RebelC-8-SSTH-E-CH-005-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory OwnersC-8-SSTH-E-CH-006-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-006-EXM
007Chapter 7: Civilising the “Native”, Educating the NationC-8-SSTH-E-CH-007-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-007-EXM
008Chapter 8: Women, Caste and ReformC-8-SSTH-E-CH-008-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-008-EXM
009Chapter 9: The Making of the National Movement: 1870s – 1947C-8-SSTH-E-CH-009-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-009-EXM
010Chapter 10: India after IndependenceC-8-SSTH-E-CH-010-SOLC-8-SSTH-E-CH-010-EXM
Social Science – Resource and Development
001Chapter 1: ResourcesC-8-SSTG-E-CH-001-SOLC-8-SSTG-E-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife ResourcesC-8-SSTG-E-CH-002-SOLC-8-SSTG-E-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3: Mineral and Power ResourcesC-8-SSTG-E-CH-003-SOLC-8-SSTG-E-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4: AgricultureC-8-SSTG-E-CH-004-SOLC-8-SSTG-E-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: IndustriesC-8-SSTG-E-CH-005-SOLC-8-SSTG-E-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: Human ResourcesC-8-SSTG-E-CH-006-SOLC-8-SSTG-E-CH-006-EXM
Social and Political Life-III
001Chapter 1: The Indian ConstitutionC-8-SSTP-E-CH-001-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: Understanding SecularismC-8-SSTP-E-CH-002-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3: Why do we need a Parliament?C-8-SSTP-E-CH-003-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4: Understanding LawsC-8-SSTP-E-CH-004-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: JudiciaryC-8-SSTP-E-CH-005-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: Understanding Our Criminal Justice SystemC-8-SSTP-E-CH-006-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-006-EXM
007Chapter 7: Understanding MarginalisationC-8-SSTP-E-CH-007-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-007-EXM
008Chapter 8: Confronting MarginalisationC-8-SSTP-E-CH-008-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-008-EXM
009Chapter 9: Public FacilitiesC-8-SSTP-E-CH-009-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-009-EXM
010Chapter 10: Law and Social JusticeC-8-SSTP-E-CH-010-SOLC-8-SSTP-E-CH-010-EXM

कक्षा VIII_सामाजिक विज्ञान

इतिहास – हमारे अतीत – III
001Chapter 1: कैसे, कब और कहाँC-8-SSTH-H-CH-001-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: व्यापार से साम्राज्य तक कंपनी की सत्ता स्थापित होती हैC-8-SSTH-H-CH-002-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-001-SOL
003Chapter 3: ग्रामीण क्षेत्र पर शासन चलानाC-8-SSTH-H-CH-001-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-001-SOL
004Chapter 4: आदिवासी, दिकू और एक स्वर्ण युग के कल्पनाC-8-SSTH-H-CH-004-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: जब जनता बग़ावत करती है 1857 और उसके बादC-8-SSTH-H-CH-005-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: बुनकर, लोहा बनाने वाले और फैक्ट्री मालिकC-8-SSTH-H-CH-006-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-006-EXM
007Chapter 7: “देशी जनता” को सभ्य बनाना राष्ट्र को शिक्षित करनाC-8-SSTH-H-CH-007-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-007-EXM
008Chapter 8: महिलाएँ, जाति एवं सुधारC-8-SSTH-H-CH-008-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-008-EXM
009Chapter 9: राष्ट्रीय आंदोलन का संघटनःC-8-SSTH-H-CH-009-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-009-EXM
010 Chapter 10: स्वतंत्रता के बादC-8-SSTH-H-CH-010-SOLC-8-SSTH-H-CH-010-EXM
001Chapter 1: संसाधनC-8-SSTG-H-CH-001-SOLC-8-SSTG-H-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: भूमि, मृदा, जल, प्राकृतिक वनस्पति और वन्य जीवन संसाधनC-8-SSTG-H-CH-002-SOLC-8-SSTG-H-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3: खनिज और शक्ति संसाधनC-8-SSTG-H-CH-003-SOLC-8-SSTG-H-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4: कृषिC-8-SSTG-H-CH-004-SOLC-8-SSTG-H-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: उद्योगC-8-SSTG-H-CH-005-SOLC-8-SSTG-H-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: मानव संसाधनC-8-SSTG-H-CH-006-SOLC-8-SSTG-H-CH-006-EXM
सामाजिक एवं राजनितिक जीवन-III
001Chapter 1: भारतीय संविधानC-8-SSTP-H-CH-001-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-001-EXM
002Chapter 2: धर्मनिरपेक्षता की समझC-8-SSTP-H-CH-002-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-002-EXM
003Chapter 3: हमें संसद क्यों चाहिए?C-8-SSTP-H-CH-003-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-003-EXM
004Chapter 4: कानूनों के समझC-8-SSTP-H-CH-004-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-004-EXM
005Chapter 5: न्यायपालिकाC-8-SSTP-H-CH-005-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-005-EXM
006Chapter 6: हमारी आपराधिक न्याय प्रणालीC-8-SSTP-H-CH-006-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-006-EXM
007Chapter 7: हाशियाकरण की समझC-8-SSTP-H-CH-007-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-007-EXM
008Chapter 8: हाशियाकरण से निपटनाC-8-SSTP-H-CH-008-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-008-EXM
009Chapter 9: जनसुविधाएँC-8-SSTP-H-CH-009-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-009-EXM
010Chapter 10: कानून और सामाजिक न्यायC-8-SSTP-H-CH-010-SOLC-8-SSTP-H-CH-010-EXM

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