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Rani Mehta, teacher in Science was delivering the lecture on ONE of the platform which is offering free services and has been in security issues in recent time, faced a typical problem and this time it was by students. During the lecture some of the non-serious students have created TECHNOLOGY HAZARDS unknowingly which causes the class embarrassment.

1. Teachers are being respected properly and their photos are taken without any permission which against the security norms and students can be booked under the legal proceedings
2. Students start jumbling the technology boards online which creates some embarrassments and creates indiscipline in the classroom
3. They do not have proper training of the security issues and how to behave online
4. Students visit online platform, e-learning tools, many open gadgets which are not to do anything with the classes, and they suffer on the lecture.
5. Online solution is better idea since it will deliver the organized method of offering the lecture and working on the learning and academic work.
6. Complete replacement of the session in online mode is not possible so a slow transformation and shift needs to be done.
7. Present online lecturing only format is dangerous and moral hazard as many parents are not trained to handle the situation and sometimes even parents are observed to be making mean remarks unknowingly which is aired and seen on the screen of the class.

e-Delta spoke to few parents who are dealing with the school online classes and Whatsapp groups for home work and parents are being furious on the methods as it is leading to the loss of the learning and excessive use of the technology without a plan. An online learning solution is the best way to engage students in a formal manner.

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  1. Anju

    Good write up.

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